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Time Out 1.5.4

Break reminder tool with micro-breaks

Time Out is a handy, trial version software only available for Mac, being part of the category Science & Education with subcategory Health. View full description

Time Out is a handy, trial version software only available for Mac, being part of the category Science & Education with subcategory Health.

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Since the software joined our selection of software and apps in 2007, it has managed to obtain 3,932 downloads, and last week it achieved 0 downloads.

About the download, Time Out is a light software that needs less space than most software in the section Science & Education. It's a program mostly downloaded in Kenya, United States, and China.

It's available for users with the operating system Mac OS X and prior versions, and it is available in English. The current version of the software is 1.5.4 and was updated on 5/05/2009.


  • Introduced a much nicer application icon, professionally designed by Emily Pfeifer
  • Rearranged the break contents: the progress bar and buttons are now in a box, and the icon is much bigger... and prettier
  • Added options to the Appearance page to individually show or hide the Postpone and Skip buttons, and to change the number of minutes for the two Postpone ones
  • Added direct support for running Python scripts
  • Fixed some issues with scheduling breaks after postponing
  • The Dejal logo was also redesigned by Emily Pfeifer, so all places it occurred have been updated
  • Renamed the application to remove the exclamation point
  • Added improved exception logging, to help with diagnosing any future issues
  • Added the Dejal Blog and Forums to Help menu
  • Fixed an error that a few people experienced when checking for updates
  • Minor tweaks for Leopard (10.5) compatibility

It is very easy to fall into bad habits when using a computer for hours on end. You care about what you are doing, so can sometimes push yourself too far, or over-strain yourself. The human body isn't built to sit in one position for endless hours, gripping a mouse or typing on the keyboard. Dejal Time Out is here to help. It will gently remind you to take a break on a regular basis.

Time Out has two kinds of breaks: a "Normal" break, typically for 10 minutes after 50 minutes of work, so you can move about and relax, plus a "Micro" break: a very brief pause of typically 10 seconds every 10 minutes, so you can remember not to tense up too much for long periods. You can disable either kind of break if desired, and the breaks are automatically paused when you go away from your computer, and can be reset when you come back.

You can configure how long each kind of break lasts, and how long between breaks. Each Time Out is announced via the screen slowly dimming, with related graphics materializing, and when the break is complete, it fades out again. You can change the time these transitions take... and you can even change the color and the level of transparency during the break. So if you like, you can make it mostly transparent so you can continue reading while on your break... though it's better for you if you give your eyes a rest during the Time Out.

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Time Out


Time Out 1.5.4

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